Sa Pintadera's guide

Anna rete sinis

🇬🇧 Welcome to Sa Pintadera!
We are Anna and Peppe.
With this guide we want to advice to you about the areas where to spend and enjoy your stay. Have a nice day!

Il museo è aperto tutto l’anno.
Apri Google Map per orari e tragitto.

corsa degli scalzi

La tradizionale Corsa degli Scalzi si tiene la prima Domenica di Settembre

La festa del patrono di Cabras Santa Maria Assunta si tiene il 24th Maggio e i festeggiamenti durano circa una settimana.

Is Arutas sand beach is unique, its grains of sand are made by sand quartz. The area is no smoking and it is forbidden to take the sand.

La Lavanda di Elvio is the local lavander fields where it is possible to purchase essential oils, soaps and many more Lavander products.

San Giovanni is a small village located in the peninsula. From there you can visit the Spanish tower and the Area Archeologica di Tharros.

corsa degli scalzi

San Salvatore & The Ipogeo
This small medieval village was once used as location for the Spaghetti western movies. Today is popular for the celebrations of La Corsa degli Scalzi the first Sunday of September.

Tharros and the Spanish Tower
According to archaeological findings in the area of Tharros supported the theory that Phoenicians founded the town in eighth century BC. The town was inhabited thereafter by Punics and Romans. Wikipedia

Mare Morto, La Caletta, The Lighthouse
In case of Maestrale (Mistral wind, from west) you can hide behind Tharros and still enjoying a windless day.

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